Volkswagen Hatchback Buying Guide

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Volkswagen Hatchback Buying Guide

Volkswagen has been around for generations, and their cars are fine specimens of German auto engineering. Volkswagen is the top car manufacturer in Germany, and the second largest in the entire world. It is no wonder that three of the top ten selling cars of all time are Volkswagens: the Beetle and the Golf. Both cars are hatchbacks. The hatchback is an alternative to a sedan with its designated trunk space, though there is often ample storage space behind the second row of seating.

Choosing the right Volkswagen hatchback involves being familiar with a variety of models and their features. The Beetle has been a favourite for decades, and though the distinctive body of the Beetle has been updated with a new, sleeker appearance, this hatchback remains wildly popular. The Golf is the car all other manufacturers use as the benchmark for hatchbacks. A shopper looking for a small, fuel-efficient hatchback can pick between the Polo and the smaller Volkswagen Up In addition to being familiar with each model, buyers are encouraged to set their budgets and list the essential features they require prior to shopping for Volkswagens.

Volkswagen Hatchback Models 

Volkswagen has been manufacturing quality cars since the 1930s, so it is no surprise that this car manufacturer continues to lead the industry with a variety of innovative cars, including a sizable collection of hatchbacks. The Beetle and Golf are some of the most recognizable, reliable models on the market. These cars are surprisingly roomy and can accommodate four or five passengers. If a shopper is looking for something smaller and more eco friendly, the Polo and the up! are great for dashing around town. Over the years, Volkswagen has produced other hatchback vehicles, but shoppers typically snatch them up as nostalgic items. The sections below outline the most popular models of Volkswagen hatchbacks.

Volkswagen's New Beetle

The Volkswagen Beetle arrived on the scene in the late 1930s and nearly 80 years later, the Beetle is still in production. Now referred to as the New Beetle, this three door hatchback is one of the roomiest little cars on the market. Another reason many favour the New Beetle is its moderate price tag coupled with a host of excellent included features. In addition to solid engine construction, the New Beetle comes with stability control, ABS, and head and side airbags. Even the sports models and upgraded packages are still more affordable when compared to other manufactures with comparable vehicles.

Buying a car also means keeping it maintained and fueled. The New Beetle shares components with other Volkswagen models, which keeps the costs of parts down. Depending on which engine the car has, the petrol mileage of the New Beetle typically ranges between 42.8 and 57.6 miles to the gallon.

The Volkswagen Golf

The Volkswagen Golf has always been the hatchback that other car manufacturers measure their hatchbacks against. The Golf, known as the Rabbit in the United States, has undergone several reinventions, with each each iteration of the Golf offering significant improvements and upgrades. The latest models have touchscreens and a feature that parks the car for the driver. Shoppers have the opportunity to choose between diesel and petrol, and six speed automatic and manual transmissions.

German auto manufacturers have a stellar reputation for designing cars built to last. The Golf continues to meet this same high standard. The Golf has also been awarded a five-star crash-safety score from Euro NCAP. Moreover, the Golf has great fuel economy. The BlueMotion series has a petrol mileage ranging between 57.5 and an impressive 88.3 miles per gallon, depending on the model.

The Volkswagen Polo

The Polo may be classified as a supermini, but this compact car really packs a punch. The Polo's interior is roomy, which is impressive considering how small it is when compared to other vehicles. With the entry size engine at 1.2-litres, the Polo's engine size is larger than one would expect. The three-cylinder petrol model is perfect for puttering around town. However, it may not be the best Volkswagen for motorway driving. Like many other Volkswagen models, the Polo received a five-star crash test rating with the Euro NCAP.

Though the price tag of the Polo is considerably lower when compared to cars like the Ford Fiesta or the Audi A1, Volkswagen owners enjoy the same amenities and high quality driving experience. Moreover, the Polo gets between 48 and 74 miles to the gallon, so driving one is affordable on any budget.

The Volkswagen Up

The Up is Volkswagen's newest and its smallest vehicle on the market, but do not let its petite size fool you. Great for getting around town, and even on the motorway, the Up can fit four adults comfortably inside thanks to its boxy exterior. The Up has the same high quality detailing and amenities as other Volkswagen vehicles, and all at an astonishingly low price tag. The average petrol mileage for the Up ranges between 60 and 67.3 miles per gallon, but for even better fuel economy, drivers should check out the e-Up, which can make it up to 90 miles on a single charge from a conventional plug.

Below are Volkswagen's four current hatchbacks and average fuel mileage, measured in miles per gallon (MPG) for both petrol and diesel engines.


Diesel Engine MPG

Petrol Engine MPG

New Beetle












In a day and age where fuel costs and fuel economy are important determining factors when selecting a vehicle, it is important to know the petrol mileage before buying a car. How long a tank of petrol lasts also depends on how often the car is serviced. Regular oil changes and tune ups are essential for any car, including Volkswagens.

Other Considerations When Buying a Volkswagen Hatchback

Buying a car is exciting, and those who opt for a Volkswagen hatchback are purchasing a solid, reliable car without the excessive price tag. Since any vehicle is a significant investment, a shopper should have a clear idea of what it is he or she wants out of the new car prior to looking online or at car lots. Fuel type, transmission, and mileage are just some of the factors to consider when picking out a Volkswagen hatchback.

Petrol or Diesel

For ages, drivers have been divided on which fuel type is better: petrol or diesel. But since not all have the same expectations for their car, the choice is wholly influenced by personal preference. Those who want a Volkswagen that can get up and go with a jolt can appreciate the power of an engine fueled by petrol. If fuel economy is a priority, then the diesel engine is the way to go.


Another factor car shoppers must consider is the type of transmission. Automatic Volkswagen hatchbacks are convenient, in that drivers do not shift gears, but with that convenience comes an increase in the price. It is also another system that must be serviced and maintained. A manual transmission is the basic option, and purchasing a car with one of these transmissions keeps the price tag low and maintenance costs down, so long as the driver is not burning out the clutch.


A shopper in the market for a used car should check the mileage of the Volkswagen hatchback before committing to a purchase. If shoppers are looking at two identical cars, they should understand that the more a car has been driven, the lower the price should be. A buyer should also find out if the car is still under a manufacturer's warranty.

How to Buy a Volkswagen Hatchback on eBay

The eBay auto section is a great place to find both new and used Volkswagen hatchbacks. By browsing the Volkswagen category, you can focus your search by specifying the particular model, year, colour, transmission, fuel type and more. eBay even has a function where shoppers can list a price range. This prompts the local search engine to only display those listings that fit within particular parameters.

When looking for any vehicle on eBay, there are several things to lookout for in vehicle listings. First, make sure the seller has a comprehensive batch of photos so you can see the car from all angles. Read the description to see if seller has disclosed the presence of any scratches, dents, or other cosmetic issues. Also, find out if the car has been routinely serviced and if there are any problems you should know about, like if the the power window on driver side does not work, the heater does not work, or if  the transmission is temperamental.


Picking out a Volkswagen hatchback requires that the buyer know all the stats and options available, as well as a have budget in mind. Fortunately, Volkswagen has an outstanding reputation for creating high quality, fuel-efficient hatchbacks, offered at reasonable prices. Larger models such as the New Beetle and the Golf have been around for decades, and it is only in the last few years that Volkswagen has added the Polo to their lineup, with the Up being the most recent edition. Before shopping for new or used cars, shoppers should test drive the models they are interested in to test how these different hatchbacks handle and how all the included features work.

With the exception of the Up, Volkswagen hatchbacks come in diesel or petrol options. Though petrol cars typically have more acceleration, the fuel economy for diesel engines is much more impressive. Therefore, if a shopper is concerned with how much it costs to fuel up a car, diesel is the way to go. Shoppers can look for Volkswagen hatchbacks locally at dealerships or by browsing through classifieds. They can also check out auto dealer websites and online venues such as eBay.

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