Volvo VW D24

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Be aware that Volvos with a variant of the VW D24 engine have to have been well maintained i.e. oil change every 5000 miles or less, and include a timing belt, idler & water pump service history? If no history; get these done directly and use original Volvo parts. Failure of the timing belt through any of these parts is critical.

Avoid cars that have been used repeatedly for short sharp journeys or are homed directly beside Motorways or dual carriageways. The 6 cylinder engine in this car was originally designed for commercial use (used in VW Trucks) and needs time to reach the correct operating temperature before being pushed; otherwise the engine wear is vastly increased in spite of apparent low mileages. Best to test engine compression if there is any doubt in condition. Really a comprehensive service history and a responsible, knowledgeable owner is the best guide for buying a used Volvo with a D24, as well maintained examples can and do cover in excess of 500,000 miles!

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