Voycey's Ebay Idiots: Retaliatory Feedback

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I mean really?? What annoys me the most is the fact that there is absolutely nothing you can do about it - I gave him neutral feedback because he provided a sub-par service - the item arrive stupidly late but it arrived non-the-less.
I dont know if its me and my girlfriend by we seem to be plagued by idiots who cannot do their "job" and yes, whilst im aware that things go wrong - blatently lying on an item description about location of items is wrong and Ebay should put a stop to this immediately.

Having a 97.6% feedback rating on a massive sales amount such as he has is pretty poor - if he told the truth the majority of these wouldnt have put negative feedback - but then again he may not have had as many sales due to this?

Retaliatory Feedback is wrong - please dont smear someones good feedback rating (mine would have been 100% had it not been for this guy) purely as retribution for your mistakes - feel free to take a look at his feedback rating and the fact that he leaves retaliatory feedback - feedback should be used as a guide for potential buyers / sellers to judge the trustworthiness of the person they are entering into business with - lets keep it at that shall we?
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