Vw Tiguan

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I was nearly scammed this week out of £3500.I had been looking at cars on ebay when this car came up in Scotland with photos and vehicle description including registration number which when I checked with DVLA car checker everything seemed to be in order.I corresponded with this guy called "joe" who worked on an Oil Rig and who was selling the vehicle as he needed money quickly due to solicitors fees incurred in a divorce.As I lived fairly close geographically I wanted to see the car but was told That the car was in Hull as he had moved there after the divorce,but would deliver the car to me using a car delivery specialist within 3 days of my money being put into a holding account as he worked offshore,but Joe would need my name and address for the ebay protection program.Like a fool I supplied this information and new photos and descriptions of the car arrived in my inbox along with  an invoice from Ebay and a Barclays account number and sort code for a branch in Bushey Hertfordshire with a lengthly list about fraud and buyer protection.This Ebay invoice looked so real it was scary even asking that the money would be sent using a chaps transfer.When I asked the question why The name he had given me didn`t add up with the account holders name,I was told this was the solicitors name dealing with the divorce.I asked for the registration document information and his address but I was told Ebay rules would not allow him to divulge this information.By this time I was really beginning to "smell a rat" but joe was persistent  but courteous at first saying all was legal and above board and could not see what the problem was but then got slightly pushy.,He also wrote very eloquently and his grasp of english was very good,even asking me to check out all  correspondence through my inbox as I wasn`t recieving the messages Ebay were sending him about everything being legal and above board .The car certainly exists as its on the DVLA vehicle checker with no Issues,who it really belongs to is another question,This car was a VW Tiguan 1,4 Tsi Reg Number WR09 CDX..BUYERS BEWARE.GET AS MUCH INFORMATION ABOUT THE SELLER AS YOU CAN,PHONE NUMBER, ADDRESS .FEEDBACK.Hope this is of some help
Iain Mackay

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