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This is just a quick guide to keep you all aware. When it happened to me, i emailed ebay numerous times to get them to do something about it but as usual, all i got was a copied and pasted response from them.

Anyway, after posting a want it now ad, i got a response from a seller saying that 'he had the item for which i was wanting', and to click a link to see it. Me, being on red alert for spoof emails, didn't realise that the link would take me to a fake login screen where they'd steal my account. LUCKILY Mozilla had recieved reports from individuals and came up with a big alert telling me that it was a phishing site.

The moral of my story is NEVER click links recieved in messages from want it now users. I was so used to protecting my email accounts, that i was not expecting it.

The telltale signs are : a message not relating to the product AT ALL, broken english, and a link which changes when you paste it into explorer or mozilla.

I bothered to write this guide because mozilla can't keep up with the rate at which these phishing sites are being created, and you need to keep yourself aware. Also, ebay didn't do much about it, so i thought it best to write a guide so that nobody gets their acount stolen.

I hope this guide spreads awareness. If it did help you, please give me a thumbs up.
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