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why are there so many people out there who are quite happy to rip people off.up until recently i have had no problems , with purchasing items.i have come across some lovely people.recently i have tried to buy some ghd hair straighteners.the first ones i brought were great, i registered with the ghd web site , no problems.then i tried to buy my daughter some for christmas , the first pair was fake ,and the second, i eventaully got my money back in time. i was very carefull , or so i thought ,on the next pair,as  i made sure i could see the tag attached to the ghd s so i could register them on ghd web site , also the seller quoted orginal ghds ,  to be aware off many fakes on ebay!!!!!!!!when i tried to reg them ,i was told they were fake and had been around the country in different areas , people had tried before me to register them.now im having trouble getting my money back, they cost me a total of £94.00 so i m not happy , at all .police dont want to know, hopefully e bay customer support can help.



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