WARNING Ebay Fraudsters buying valuable items-Nov 2006

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Beware of Fraudulant Ebayers buying High Value items, recently in the last couple of days (18th Nov) I have been contacted by someone who wanted to buy a high value item from me at OVER the Buy It Now price as I also had the item listed as Best Offer, this user had 0 feedback and had only registered on Ebay the same day,and has since contacted me to ask if his PS2 can be sent to his nephew in Nigeria.

It now seems that this person has used a presumably stolen credit card simply to set up an Ebay account and purchase this item and 24 hours after the offer has been accepted he has failed to complete the transaction, but I am now in the situation where my 100% positive feedback can be compromised.

This is just a warning to you all out there, if you are selling high value items , change your preferences to only accept bids from users with more than 10 feedbacks, there's nothing else really that you can do about users buying from you and ending up in the same situation yourself, I'm now in a position whereby if this person pays, I should send this item to this user BUT somewhere someone has had their card stolen,and this person will be using it over and over again until the card is stopped, so essentially STEALING these items. 

I have of course contacted Ebay about this but unfortunatly it takes time (as we know) for  Ebay to get back to us about these things ( I know they are very busy trying to stop this type of thing) but in the meantime, these person will be having a good old shopping spree. So be warned. I don't know where I stand if this person pays me with a stolen card, will the bank be coming back to me eventually asking for the cash back ?  I would hope not because it's hardly my fault but you never know.


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