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Hi there, If you love your Molton Brown like i do then please read this! Yes I too have fallen victim to the current scam circulating on ebay at the moment. Some sellers are selling FAKE Molton Brown. The common fake items to look out for are: Rose Graniti Fine liquid Handwash 300ml and Celestial Maracuja Bathing Nectar 300ml. When you receive your item all will look ok , but after close inspection of the product you will notice that the smell is nothing like the genuine thing. Rose Graniti Fine liquid Handwash has a distinctive spicy smell like nothing else and the consistency is it should run clear and not be lumpy in the bottle, and not smell of cheap handwash. Sometimes the lids are easy to open and the pumps are not quite the same either. All Molton Brown products have all their ingredients listed on the bottles, some of the FAKE items do not.I would strongly urge you to always read the neutral and negative feedback of the seller and not just the positive comments. I have bought alot of Molton Brown on ebay and can honestly say until now I have been very happy with my purchases, but a few sellers are spoiling it for everyone else. PLEASE CHECK ALL FEEDBACK'S BEFORE BIDDING! I hope this information has been of help to you, good luck with your bids.
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