WARNING IPOD Postal order scam - user SIDOZEY, M.JOY

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PLEASE SEE END OF TEXT FOR UPDATE (4-SEP-07) : How to contact police; how to check if your Postal Order has been cashed etc...


Guide Posted 31-aug-07 : Has anyone else placed an order for an IPOD with user SIDOZEY and then sent a postal order but not received the goods ?

My son ordered an IPOD 30gb (one of ten available) from SIDOZEY and was asked to send a postal order to M. Joy at EBC House, Riverside View, Thornes Lane, Wakefield WF1 5QW.

He sent this by special delivery and the Royal Mail website confirms that it was delivered. However, we have not received the IPOD, and SIDOZEY does not respond to emails. Also the item has mysteriously been deleted from ebay, along with several other items offered by SIDOZEY.

I contacted a couple of other ebay users who had recently left positive feedback for SIDOZEY but they said they only did this because he let them renege on bids they had made once they discovered they had to send postal orders. Unfortunately my son didn't do this. Both said that they had received worried emails from other users in the same situation as my son.

Looking back at SIDOZEY's feedback it seems as though he was sending stuff ok in the past, from London, so I suspect that his account may have been hijacked by M. Joy.

Trying to get in touch with ebay to raise concerns about this is a nightmare ! All their queries from the website say that they wont do anything for 10 days. The only way I could actually find to send an email was to report it as though my own account had been hijacked. They have not responded.

Be warned ! Hope no-one else falls into the same trap as my son. Seems a rotten trick to play on a youngster.


04-SEP-07 : Ebay ebventually confirmed that these were fraudulent transactions on 3rd September and suggested that as payment was via a Postal Order (rather than Paypal) we should report it to the police. 

Yesterday I reported the fraud to my local police who said it would be a while before anyone investigated it (as they have so many of these to deal with).

However, Wakefield police have somone working on this already - call 0845 6060606 and say that you want to add your name to the list of people reporting the ebay fraud operating from Thornes Lane. They have intercepted some recent mail, though they will take a while to process it all, but you may be lucky.

If you want to check whether your Postal Order has been cashed you can do this by calling 01246 542000 and asking for the Postal Order group - you will need to give them the voucher ID (printed on the till receipt) and the amount.  I hope you are lucky and it hasn't been cashed (we weren't, I'm afraid ! ).

I'd also like to thank some other ebay users who contacted me after I posted the original warning - unfortunately eBay is blocking my replies to most users unless I am in a transaction with them, though I am able to reply to some.

Best of luck.


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