WARNING! overpriced PS3's

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I'm just writing this for those who might not have seen these in shops, but basically Sony have released a NEW playstation 3 (slim) its effectively the same consol, with 120GB hard drive, but it’s a new slimmer design and is more energy efficient.

The retail price for the new consoles from a high street store is £250 .

You may even get a few bargain or bundle deals out there as well.

I am just saying this because its seems to me that there are a lot of sellers out there offering second hand and used PS3's but asking for near or MORE than the price of a brand new one available off the high street.

I was bidding on a PS3 the other day and it shot up to over £500's , this has happened several times since. I’m not going to bother anymore, I’ll buy a new one for much less from a reputable shop on the high street.

AS I say many people probably know this already, but i thought i would say something in case there are people out there willing to pay way above the necessary because they think that’s the price.

Take care and happy bidding people.


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