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Now im going to relay a TRUE story to all you sellers.

Firstly be advised to NEVER place a phone number in your posting because of this following reason.

I recently bid on an item here on Ebay which was being sold for the listed members relative, they stated in the listing ,to ring this number to ask any questions. well the auction went on and within the last few minutes a bidding war commenced, but being an experienced buyer knew how to play the game and was successfull in my bids.

I then emailed the ebay member for info on where to collect the item from as it was a collect only item, and waited and waited, but got no reply. So I rang the number listed to find that they had been contacted by a person purporting to be me stating i was sorry but no longer was able to proceed with the sale and perhaps they should offer it to the next highest bidder.

Thankfully were all sorted and im collecting shortly, but felt you should all be warned both Buyers and Sellers of the unscruplious manner of people.

So DONT Advertise a contact NUMBER


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