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After the valuable lesson i learnt today i would like to inform other users to be careful when selling there items on ebay,especially when you use paypal or a first time seller.After getting an email today from what i thought was a genuine person wanting to buy my partners phone i agreed to sell it to him.he asked for my email so he could send our payment to paypal.Even when he told us that he wanted us to send the phone to Nigeria we believed him as the paypal emails looked so genuine.We even got an address and posted it to nigeria.When we got home and realised that we adnt been payed we rung paypal to see where our payment was.They then told us that it was a Scam.

Luckily we got to the post office just in time to get our parcel back.We actually spoke to the Idiot on messanger and he still thinks at this very moment of writing this that the phone is on its way to him now.He also even tried to tell us that he had overpaid us and that we would have to pay him the overpayment back before we got our money for phone (WHAT A BLOODY CHEEK).These people are targeting innocent people and need to be stopped.This as been a very upsetting expierience for myself and my partner.This is why i would like to say to anybody out there that is new to this,please be careful as you may not be as lucky as we were.Hope this helps people to not make the same mistake that we did.Becky.x

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