WATERSHIP DONE! A Tale of Piracy (DVD)

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I purchased a copy of Watership Down on DVD from Ebay last week, and I'm very upset. Not because the rabbits die, but because t's a pirate copy. It was bought as a present. I signed into Ebay, found a Buy It Now listing about to end, so bought it. The price was around what I'd normally pay for a DVD. When it arrived, it was obviously a copy. How coud I tell?

  • the inlay card, normally printed on glossy card, was printed on normal paper. There was also no hologram.
  • the label on the DVD was so blurry I thought I'd left my glasses off.
  • the disc itself was purple, the same colour as blank DVD roms I'd purchased recently
  • the small print on the back of the box said "Not for rental or retail in USA or Canada (Region 1), while he listing said it was Region 2

Of course, there was no way I could have known any of this before it arrived. Further investigation of the seller showed:

  • his high star rating of 290 hid the fact that he had received 13 negative feedbacks, and around 20 neutrals.
  • 4 of the negative feedbacks were in the last month
  • his feedback is kept private, so you can't read what other buyers have said about him
  • the copy I bought was one of six he was selling
  • he currently has 22 items for sale on Ebay. All are DVDs (including more copies of Watership Down)
  • in August, he changed his Ebay User ID. Why?? Had his previous ID become well known for copies?

If only I had checked the seller properly. I emailed him through Ebay, asking for his comments. He didn't even argue that it wasn't a copy, and immediately offered a refund. But why was this item for sale in the first place? I have reported it, and hope action will be taken. But what it to stop the seller simply setting up a new account and continuing his sale of copied movies.

I have bought many DVDs from Ebay in the past, with no problems whatsoever. I shall continue to buy in the future, but am now a lot more careful. By writing this, I hope that others can avoid making the ame mistakes. CHECK OUT THE SELLER PROPERLY, and if in doubt, DO NOT BUY! The only pirate movie I'll be buying in the future is Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Mans Chest.

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