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Why is Led T-shirt special?
Led T-shirt allows any pattern, graphic or text to be illuminated and/or flashed on any garment and  due to its thinness it is more flexible; therefore it is more durable, lighter and less bulky than  other illuminated garments that need to use LEDs or actual lamps.

Are the Led T-shirt garments safe to use, they have wiring inside?
Led T-shirt garments have wires in them to carry the low voltage, but the voltage is safe - only  comes from either 4 or 2 AAA (disposable alkaline) batteries each at 1.5v. It is advisable to  remove batteries in the event of prolonged non-use and also to remove batteries as soon as they  become depleted.

How long do the batteries last?
In tests batteries have lasted in excess of 32 hours on continuous flashing. As you may know,  normal batteries last slightly longer if used for short periods of time during their life so this  usage may be longer with short periods of use. It is still recommended that the batteries are  removed during long periods of non-usage.

About Led T-shirt:
Led T-shirt are the original manufacturers of the "Hongchong". This fantastic combination of  light, sound & technology all packaged in to an article of clothing is a best seller. However with  any great products there is always the problem with copying and the hongchong is no exception to  this. As soon as we 1st introduced this great innovation copies began to spring up all over the  web. This unfortunately is the nature of the manufacturing business and there will always be  companies out there whose essential business plan is to simply copy products and sell as their  own.

As a manufacturer we "craft" our products and we are proud of what we produce. We ensure that the  best quality components are used, strict manufacturing techniques are adhered to and most  importantly the highest level of quality control is maintained through out. As flattering as this  may be to have our products copied it does have its draw backs. We have
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