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Here, she pairs together two of the best sleuths I have read about in a while and bases the story in the Cotswolds. One of them is a Chief Inspector (for some reason, they're always high-ranking officers like Inspector Frost or Inspector Morse or Commander Dalgliesh – just for once it would be nice to read about a crime solved by PC Hipkiss or some other run-of-the-mill bobby, but never mind).
Ursula Gretton is an archaeologist who thinks her ex-lover, Dan Wollard, has murdered his wife. She speaks to Meredith Mitchell (the other half of the crime fighting duo) hoping that something will be said to Alan Markby, the aforementioned Chief Inspector. Markby thinks it's a load of rubbish and brushes the idea to one side until a body is found on a rubbish dump at the side of the archaeological site that Ursula has been working on.
The team of archaeologists aren't the only ones who have been on the land. A couple of local landowners have been complaining about a band of travellers who have set up camp on the land, only to find that they cleared off the day before the body was discovered.
Markby gets to work solving the murder, looking for witnesses, suspects and dealing with conflicting clues. But just as he thinks he's got this one sussed, another body shows up, making the case even more complex.
Mitchell and Markby work really well together not only in this story but also in some of her other books. Each character bounces off the other in a humorous but still serious way.

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