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Divan beds consist of a base and mattress (headboards are usually not included). We supply a full range of divans, most of which are available for delivery in a week. We also specialise in supplying divan beds in made to measure sizes – something that most online retailers won’t do! If you require a made to measure divan bed, please email us. Types of divan base
Many people are surprised to hear that there are actually two types of bases for divans. Traditionally all divans had springs in the base and this type of 'sprung edge' base is still a firm favourite offering enhanced levels of support and comfort. The 'platform top' base which has a solid and sometimes padded lid will make the mattress feel firmer and generally offers a cheaper option.
When deciding on which type of divan is best for you, you need to consider the mattress, which is described in each bed description and also the base.

There are primarily two types, Platform Top and Sprung Edge.

So what's the difference?

Platform Top

Platform top bases contain no springs and the mattress is resting on a solid platform which makes for a firmer sleep system. The extent of the firmness will depend on the mattress.


Sprung Edge

Sprung Edge bases will soften the feel of even a very firm mattress and has the same number of springs as usual mattress of the same size. The springs of a sprung edge base are on top of the base which is like having two mattresses next to each other. This makes the sleep system quite soft at the edges and one should not sit on the edge of a spring edge mattress for too long if it can be avoided.

Mattress firmness
The level of support and firmness provided by a divan bed is affected by the type of mattress that you choose. We classify our mattresses into five grades of firmness: soft, medium, medium firm, firm and extra firm (firm and extra firm mattresses are often referred to as ‘orthopaedic’). The firmness of each mattress is dependent on factors such as the spring type, the sort of filling used and the construction. Each divan bed listed states its firmness rating in the description.

The Spring system used in the mattress is absolutely crucial in determining the overall comfort level of the mattress.
Open coil - An open coil spring system is made by inter-twining high tensile steel and turning it into one complete frame of springs.
This is then linked together by a tighter coil of steel running either horizontally across or vertically up and down the length and breadth of the frame, creating a complete spring unit.
Gauge - The term 'gauge' refers to the thickness of the wire used to make the spring, 15 gauge is quite soft with 12.5 gauge being fairly firm in feel.
Bonnell - is a method of producing open coil spring systems and is widely considered to be one of the best available.
Pocket Sprung - A pocket sprung system is created by turning high tensile steel into individual springs which are then wrapped into their own pockets. The springs are either placed in the mattress by a machine in rows, or on more expensive models they are put in place by hand and secured by a stitch which is also done by hand, this is called 'hand nesting' and is a very labour intensive process.
The mattress is then filled and layered with a variety of fillings in very much the same way as the open coil mattresses. The fillings again range from natural fibres such as pure wool and lambs wool, mohair, silk, cashmere and even latex, to man made fibres such as reflex foam and memory foam and super soft white fibres which all have their own brand names like 'superluxe' and 'ultraluxe'. The most luxurious mattresses will have silk, cashmere, pure lamb’s wool and/or memory foam and latex.

The cover used for the mattress is important in the overall comfort feel of the mattress. So it is important to know what you are getting for your money
Jacquard - is a type of fabric, woven on a complex loom to create elaborate patterns on one side of the material. In contemporary furnishing the term Jacquard is used to refer to the type of loom that is used to weave modern fabrics such as Damask. It is ideal for mattresses, furnishings, curtains and upholstery.
Damask - is a reversible, soft, glossy fabric woven on a Jacquard loom to form intricate and decorative patterns. It is made of several fibres and blends such as linen, and offers a rich and durable finish.
Micro quilting - 'micro-quilting' or 'panel quilting' is a type of decorative stitch which holds the fillings in the mattress in place by running a stitch across the surface of the mattress in a pattern creating a flat sleeping surface, it is ideal for those who prefer a very smooth, even feel.
Hand Tufting - involves pinning the fillings at specific points on the surface of the mattress with a long stitch that runs from the surface down through the inside of the mattress to the core of the spring unit, they look like buttons pressed onto the mattress and create a wavy surface. Hand tufting is found on most of the more expensive pocket sprung mattresses.
Storage beds with drawers
One of the advantages of divans is that the base can incorporate drawers and provides an ideal place to store bed linen and other bulky items. In effect, divans can be turned into storage beds with drawers. So we provide a full range of storage options to fit all sizes of divan beds, from 2 drawers, slide store, 4 drawers or end drawer. It should be noted however that the drawers are designed to accommodate lighter items only and overloading them with excessive weight can cause damage to the runners and the drawers.

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