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I have noticed now on numerous occasions whilst looking for a fridge/freezer specifically the bidding looks suspicious! On one of the sellers I decided to ring to enquire about his American Fridge/Freezer which he was selling, the bidding started @ 99p and at the time I rang him it was then £4.50

Initially I thought omg! wouldn't this be great if I purchased this American Fridge Freezer for next to nothing (wishful thinking) ha! Anyhow getting back to my telephone call to him, I wanted to enquire how much delivery would cost and the condition of it. The man I spoke to told me it would cost me £25 for delivery and it was in excellant condition - I then asked how can you afford to sell it so cheap? He didn't answer me instead he answered me with a question of his own - he wanted to know how much I was prepared to pay for a fridge/freezer - He caught me off guard  so I said I wasn't sure yet.

He then invited me to visit his showroom which he said he had many more fridge/freezers, he then said if you are prepared to pay for what the American fridge/freezer will sell for you might as well call in and choose the one you want. So I asked how much is that then, his reply was £400

What I wanted to know was HOW DOES HE KNOW it will sell for £400?? Is this guy psychic?? Sure enough it sold for near enough that amount in the space of 6 days! OMG! How did that happen?? I then decided to look at the bidding history to look at how the bidding panned out. I had noticed there were alot of Buyers with ratings less than 5 making bids on this American fridge freezer! There was a pattern forming where as a normal buyer would place their bid BUT then the fraudulent buyer with sometimes zero rating came along just after and placed their bid making the price jump by as much as another £50.

I then clicked on these fraudulent buyers (well thats what I believe they are) and it came as no surprise to me the only items they have ever bid on has been WHITE KITCHEN APPLIANCES! I believe these buyers are friends of that guy (the seller) I spoke to and their only reason for opening an account on Ebay is purely to bump up the bidding!

THIS IS SO UNFAIR AND I THINK EBAY SHOULD LOOK INTO THIS AS A MATTER OF URGENCY! It most probably happens in other catergories too!

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