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Most of us tend to drive a modern "tin box" around daily. We may have forgotten what it is like to drive a car that was built thirty or forty years ago. Or, the younger motorist may never have had this experience at all.

Here a few good reasons to own a classic car. I use the term "car" but could be a van, pickup, lorry or bus... in fact any interesting vehicle.

LITTLE OR NO DEPRECIATION If you buy wisely the best car you can afford. Try to buy with little or no rust/rot. An original vehicle is better than a "tarted up" one. Don't worry too much about faded or flat paint... however, always try to buy with good original interior..... You should always be able to get your money back and hey! you may well be into a good profit in a few years. Just look how much Ford Escorts are fetching today, against a few years ago

NO TAX (Roadfund)  All pre 1973 cars are now tax free (from April 2014 '74 vehicles will be tax free)

NO MOT  All pre 1960 vehicles are now exempt from the MOT test, a saving of around £50 just for the test, plus other savings on items the MOT people require you to do, that sometimes have no safety implications.... put the saved money into improving your vehicle. (nb your vehicle must still be in a road worthy condition)

BE DIFFERENT  Have you noticed that "everyone" is driving a golf, polo or BMW... how common are they? Be different in a classic

CHEAP INSURANCE  For around £100 you can insure a classic vehicle... however, please note, you may have to have another car as your runaround and you will be subjected to a limited mileage.

BE GREEN  Some of you may disagree with this statement, as you are still burning up the black stuff and dumping your share of those horrible gases.... but you are only doing a small mileage and of course you are in effect recycling by keeping your classic going and you have not caused the use of high amounts of energy and materials that is required to manufacture a new car


This is a new post.... If you can add some more positives in owning a classic car, please let me know.

Happy Classic Motoring

Kelvin Rumsby

Broadland Classic Cars
01692 538060


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