WINE GLASS CHARMS - Jewellery For Your Wine Glasses!

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Wine glass charms are a perfect solution to identify your wine glass from other wine glasses!

Or you can also put them round the handle of a different type of glass or even a mug.

When purchasing the wine rings make sure they are a strong type as there are some on ebay that are made with earring wire and are not very strong (they can come off the glasses when washed).  The stronger wire* maintains its shape and can stay on your wine glasses even in the dishwasher.

*the stronger wires tend to have a flattened end with a hole in rather than a loop in the wire itself.

Thread beads and charms onto the ring to make your set (remember to make each ring slightly different in colour or charms so that your guests can distinguish their glass from each other). To finish the wire, use pliers to gently bend the end of the wire - this will stop the beads from falling off and also allow the bent end to hook into the hole and secure in place on your wine glass.

The possibilities are endless with these charms for any occasion imaginable!

Why not make a larger ring to fit around a wine bottle and complement your set - or go one step further and make some matching napkin rings!

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