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Hi All
I have to say I agree whole heartedly with ebayer 'Petrolhead247' in his report on the seller of mobile phones he refers to in his report about scams. See link below if you wish to read it, cut and paste in you address bar.
We found exactly the same problem with the same seller he mentioned, phone in a terrible state on receipt. Looked like it had been retrieved from a skip after the dog had chewed it!


In my opinion the main problem is when people seem to use nothing but generic pictures of used items ...ie. not the actual item on sale. Now most ebayers being honest would say if something was nothing like the photo or would illustrate with a photo of an item in a similar condition. Mind you a picture of a phone with teeth marks and scratches may not sell quite so many phones I suppose.
In this day and age of fast digital photography...I think a good rule of thumb may have to  be for me...if they dont use the original pic of the actual item and it is used......alarm bells may just start to tinkle ...hey but what do i know...i was the mug who purchased one...but as they say..once bitten and all that..
Another valid point I have come to notice is, which is possibly even more relevant ....when an ebayer has not only negative feedback (which everyone of course looks for) but withdrawn feedback in some number....ask yourself ...is that ebayer trading feedback?? Ie, is he threatening unfounded negative feedback as a weapon, (we paid quickly, gave the aforementioned ebayer the chance to put things right, communicated a problem, waited a long time giving him a chance to sort it out WHICH HE DIDNT yet we got negative feedback JUST because we gave it to him) THEN we got pressured to withdraw......so withdrawn feedback...well it paints a picture...
good luck fair ebayers wherever you be!! Thankfully fair ebayers are by far in the majority

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