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Effect monster
The special summons of the one dragon fellows monster which exists in star 4 / optical attribute / angel fellows / 攻 1800 / 守 15001 turn once in a partner's cemetery can be carried out on the oneself field.
As long as this card exists by front side display on the field, the partner cannot choose as a target of attack other angel fellows monsters which exist by front side display.
Weekly boy jump (2008 No. 36) Lower class monster of the optical attribute and angel fellows who appeared with the attached card.
It has the effect of making one's place reviving dragon fellows from a partner's cemetery, and the effect of protecting other angel fellows from an attack.

Since the effect of the first half can be exercised at no cost, a partner's dragon fellows monster can be taken easily.
[Dragon fellows] will be made into the start and preeminent work will be shown to the deck which makes a subject dragon fellows monsters, such as white dragon] of [青眼.
However, when the partner has exercised <<宝札 of a safe return>>, since a partner is allowed a draw according to the effect of this card, cautions are required.

As a fault, it is "dependent on a partner's deck."
If the dragon fellows monster which can be revived to a partner's deck extra deck does not exist, it becomes an effect which no meaning constitutes.
In the present environment, since a dragon fellows monster with the general-purpose effect of going into the deck is not, it seems that there is no opportunity to exercise this effect apparently not much.
But, since powerful synchronization monsters including the <<Stardust dragon>> and the <<Black Rose dragon>> exist as a general-purpose dragon fellows monster included in the extra deck, even if it is not a deck partner of a dragon fellows subject, the opportunity which can exercise this effect exists.

The effect of the second half is an effect that angel fellows can be protected from a battle.
It is also possible to cover a lock if these two cards exist on the oneself field like <<marauding unit length>>.
Although a search is difficult unlike <<marauding unit length>>, if equal to a hand, a lock can also be covered by one turn using <<castle-where-a-feudal-lord-usually-resides-Valhalla of God>>.
But probably, the necessity of suffering troubles and covering a lock will be thin since wall monsters, such as <<マシュ chestnut>> <<ジェルエン duo>> <<アルカナ force 0-THE FOOL>>, are substantial to [angel fellows].
<<オネスト>> is supported by the offensive strength 1800, and since angel fellows have few lower class monsters of high offensive strength, to [angel fellows], activity is expectable also fields other than an effect.

Since revival by <<Athena>> can also be performed and it can take out without a release, it can be called very easy card to take out to a place itself.
Therefore, telling that this card is contained in the deck also becomes a deterrent which makes it hesitate at use of a synchronization monster, dragon fellows, etc.
It will become impossible for the <<Stardust dragon>> and the <<Black Rose dragon>> by which especially after effect use will be kept in a cemetery to use an effect easily.

In the present environment, the greatest aim will be a <<dark end dragon>>.
If a partner's <<dark end dragon>> is revived with this card and an effect is used, advantage can be earned greatly, without one sheet also consuming a card.
Moreover, if the effect of the <<Stardust dragon>> of a partner is made to use it and it can revive with this card, the <<Stardust dragon>> can be used like its own card, blocking self-reproduction.
In addition, although the effect of that the <<Stardust dragon>> can be satisfactorily used in this case, it becomes an end phase of the released turn with the place of an owner from the first that a special summons is carried out.
of course, the place which released and returned to the partner's cemetery is also further revived with this card -- possible -- I would like to notice the effect of <<ウィクトーリア>> of one body about the point which can be only once used for one turn but
Although <<オネスト>> is published by explanation of the effect of protecting angel fellows, in the jump, the state where <<オネスト>> is taken out to the field is not so desirable.
Moreover, probably in order to emphasize an effect, it is, saying "Even if it is a synchronization monster of a high level, it takes unconditionally and can keep", but a special summons cannot be carried out if revival restrictions naturally are not filled.
The head of the dragon of the illustration lower part resembles the <<ヴィク tree dragon>>.
Since it is relevant to the following passage "ウィクトリア" and a "ヴィク tree", he may be conscious of it.
In addition, it is impossible to revive a <<ヴィク tree dragon>> with this card actually.
But since the <<ヴィク tree dragon>> is a prohibition card, it is uninfluential.

The former material of composition will be the Viktoria image of Brandenburg Gate. (It is linked to Wikipedia.)
In a myth and tradition -
The origin of a name is considered to be a goddess "ウィクトリア" (Greek mythology "ニケ") of victory of Roman mythology.
Although called Athena's 随神 or incarnation, Mars is accompanied in Roman mythology.
The origin of the English word "victory" which incidentally means a "victory" is this ウィクトリア.

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