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Many sellers list their items as BRAND NEW WITH TAGS, OR BRAND NEW WITHOUT TAGS.
You need to be cautious when buying clothes with these descriptions.

Some of the more up-market clothes stores - high street, not designer- fix labels (tags) to the clothes with a safety pin.  It is quite possible for an unscrupulous seller to pin a label back on a garment and say it is unworn, when in fact it is not.  The photograph will show you the label in position and you should also be able to see a plastic tag which most garments have as well- it's attaching a price tag and has to be cut out.  This may have been removed in wear.  It is of course possible to wear a garment with the plastic tag still attached.

You also need to look at the sellers other items: are they selling lots of clothes, all "new with tags"?  If they are -ask yourself why?  Who buys lots of tops for example and doesn't wear them?  We all make the odd mistake when buying clothes, but you should be suspicious if you see a seller listing several items as brand new .

The commonest reason for selling clothes as "Brand New" is weight gain or weight loss!  There is no way you can prove this.  The more complicated the reasons for sale, the more you should be suspicious!

It is more reassuring if a seller describes an item as having been worn once and is honest. You can always contact the seller for verification about an item- if you get no reply, then that tells you a lot.  Ask why they are selling it, is it really unworn and can they guarantee this.  If you win the bid and find they have lied, then feedback should be left.

Above all, assume all cothes have been worn, regardless of what the description says.  If the garment has tags in the photo, it MAY be genuinely unworn, but you have to accept that the photo may be enhanced and the labels added to the garment after wear.

And of coures, there is absolutely no way you can prove a garment is new and unworn if the tags are removed- you are having to trust the seller, so bid accordingly if you have any doubts.

Is the item genuine?
Some sellers advertise clothes as having the labels removed- to avoid shop returns.  This is not credible, as most shops will not refund without a receipt, and even if they do, there is usually a time limit to this- and the clothes have to be currently in stock.  Sellers using this technique are often hiding the fact that the item is not genuine.  This apllies often to sellers shops, where they bulk-buy clothes from a manufacturer and then sell them as genuine, but without labels- again- what proof is there?  None!

Only bid if you are happy to buy a garment that has possibly been worn - because you can never be sure otherwise.
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