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Hi i bought a play pen for my 10 month old daughter!

In all fair it looked good on the sellers auction page! Smartly advertised and looked nice and strong. Anyway pleased with the delivery and all the rest. Got it all set up but when i was setting it up i thought to my self that this was a bit weak in structure!

We started to put her init and she loved it, but on day 2 of having this, it started to fall apart! My daughter kicks abit in her sleep and was kicking the front of the pen where the door is! Poor little baby not having a clue that she does this must of been dreaming! she must of kicked it and we heard her screaming, we went straight to her and the play pen door had opened well she managed to split the wood some how, and both sides of the cage was on top of her!

She was ok but it could of caused some serious damage to her, which thankfully im glad it hasn't. I have left the seller feedback because of the delivery was good and the item looked good! It was too late for me to leave bad feedback as had already left positive! but tried to get in touch with the seller and he is ignoring my emails! Just imagine if she could stand up and was holding onto it and it all caved in on her then, that i should imagine could cause damage to a baby/toddler! As the age for this item was 0 to 3 years old!

So please avoid buying this item from this seller as it is dangerous!!! H-F-Trade, and shop is called HF Trade Gmbh Hamburg

In all honestly i just think that this item should of been made stronger to support that of a child of the years it is supposed to cater for!

I feel very let down with this, and will not be buying from this seller again!


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