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Hello there i thought id write a guide about the world of warcraft figures you can buy, these figures are fantastic and well worth the money, the detail is amazing if you are a world of warcraft fan then these figures will not dissapoint you.

I have bought some from ebay and also a site called "staractionfigures" sells them, the post cost is £1.99 which is excellent and they have free u.k postage for any order over £25.00 they deliver within a few days and come really well packed, also another benefit is they take paypal which i found very useful.

If you see a figure on staractionfigures it may be worth while checking on Amazon first as they also sell on there and sometimes the price can be lower altough i believe amazon do not accept paypal as a payment , Amazon also have a large range of these figures from other sellers aswell.

Also another site that sells them is they have free postage but do not take paypal, the latest figure to be released was the World Of Warcraft: 9.75" Tauren Hunter Brave Highmountain Deluxe Action Figure on he is £24.99 with free postage, i bought this figure from and it arrived really quickly and well packed the figure itself is fantastic, my world of warcraft character is a Tauren hunter so i was really pleased when they released this figure.

The next deluxe figure to be released is World Of Warcraft: Lady Vashj Deluxe Collector Figure (Series 4) the price for this figure on is £34.99 with Free Delivery, the release date is 20/04/2009 you can pre-order these now.

Another item that is very impressive is the world of warcraft computer mouse mats, they sell these on ebay and they are fantastic quality and they do alot of different characters, i have found these mats to be the best mouse mat i have used.

I hope this guide may have been of use to you if it is if you could please vote it as helpful that would be great.

Thankyou from Deano.

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