WW1 Trench art.

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Trench Art.

I have been concerned in the collection and management of Trench Art and all aspects of The Great War for the past 10 years. I have a joint enterprise with a private museum in Belgium and deal with numerous collectors and Museums alike. Having built years of trust i am able to source interesting and unusual items and trade freely with U.K. and worldwide sellers and customers. If you want something specific ie Battle named shells or particular items, please contact me and i will endeavour to help. I have a display and stock in the UK and all transactions would be through E bay at Buy it now prices if agreed. I can supply photographs etc on request. I am passionate and closley connected to the  soldiers who served us and wish them to be remembered by all. Trench Art is just one way of spreading the knowledge and history to others and owning actual pieces of historic beauty.     What started as a hobby has grown into a personal challenge and it relies on both young and old to continue to promote and encourage others to keep the memories alive. I visit France and Belgium and occasionally Germany to talk to collectors and families and visit the Western Front battle fields at every opportunity . I am constantly learning more about the events that changed the world and would encourage anyone with the opportunity to visit or read about the brave heroes who fought to protect their countries to do so. May they be proud and rest in peace.
WW1 Trench Art shell case.
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WW1 Trench Art shell case.
WW1 and Trench Art. Beauty and history from battlefield Artifacts.
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