WW2 German M34 Police/Fire helmets-beware what you buy!

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Just thought I'd throw a rough guide together concerning WW2 period German M34 helmets. There are dozens of these on every auction site but how many are original 33-45 items? I'd say about 20%!! Firstly, the classic M34 shape was made well after WW2 and hardly changed at all. Most were aluminium or "Edelstahl" but some steel ones exist. The fire helmet with it's high aluminium comb, which is usually missing, is very often sold as WW2 if it is or not. A true WW2 M34 will ALWAYS be stamped with some kind of makers mark or serial number. The one to buy is the "BXF" stamp, along with the date and logo. I've seen fakers stamp later shells with non-existant makers marks and dates. Stamps were heat-pressed and leave no impression on the helmet exterior. A fake will always feel dented here if it's been stamped with a punch set. PLEASE do not buy one marked DIN 14940-this is NOT 1940 but a much later German quality stamp. These shells were being used up to the mid 1980's!! Hope this may be of use to collectors, esp. newbies-there are too many con artists out there-this may help you not to get caught!!
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