Walkie Talkies: heal a sore throat; TALK to your kids

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I used to think of Walkie-Talkies as just a bit of fun for kids or for anyone with a garden large enough to race around on quad bikes.

Then, as my daughter is approaching what can be those difficult teenage years, I had another idea for them.


Standing at the bottom of the stairs, having a 200 decibel conversation with your child...

  • "Your tea's ready!"    "What?!"
  • "YOUR TEA IS READY!!"     "WHAT!!??"


  • "Can you come down please!"    "Huh?"
  • CAN! YOU! COME! DOWN! PLEASE!"    "HUH!!?"

In the end, either you stomp up the stairs for the 50th time that day or your offspring leaps out of their bedroom with a face like thunder!

This is a thing of the past in our house. Problem solved. No more yelling - no more sore throats.

I bought just a basic pair of walkie-talkies. My daughter and I have one each and the result is a much more peaceful and pleasant home.

  • If I'm in the kitchen making a cuppa, wondering if my daughter would also like one, with just the press of a button, I can ask if she would like one too.
  • She might be about to come downstairs and will radio me: "Do you want anything brought down Mum?"

They have actually brought us closer together as we can radio each other, anytime, about anything, even just a "Hiya, how ya doing?"

Our walkie-talkies are pretty basic:

  • 8 channels: Select the same channel on each and chat away. If you're getting any interference or are picking up someone else's conversation, just change channel. TIP: If you can hear someone else, they might be able to hear you!
  • Range: Described as 1 mile (3km), but in built-up areas, they get very crackly at about 1/2 mile, any further and we just can't hear each other.
  • Batteries: Each uses 3xAAA (we use rechargeables)
  • Price: Although we paid around £10, a basic set is no doubt available at real bargain prices on eBay.
  • Costs: They say "Talk-is-cheap"... well in this case it's FREE! The only cost is a quick charge of the batteries.

Here's an eBay search to get you on the road to peace and tranquillity!

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