Walkie talkie's repairs - which types can be repaired?

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Don't bin them, get them repaired.
Protea Electronics is a small family business offering a postal repair service for walkie talkies. Most radios can be repaired including licence free 446 radios.
Many repair shops do not offer a repair service for consumer 446 handhelds. These are the sort of radios you can by in pairs from local electronic shops. They may or may not have rechargable batteries and at the most cost about £90 a pair and at the least £21 for a basic set.
Then comes the PMR licence free radios which more often than not are sold in single packs with a price range of about £80 to £175 for a single radio. These are more robust and have extra features. Due to the cost of these type of 446 radios it is often more cost effective to have them repaired rather than replace them. Again not all service centres will take these in for repair. Just search for us online to find out more about our services, prices and how to send us a repair
Of course there are times when licence free or licensed radios cannot be repaired. It could be the case that the unit is beyond economical repair due to liquid ingress, damage to the PC board, lack of parts, software/hardware issues, to mention a few.
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