Wallpapering In Miniature

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Choosing your doll house wallpaper and miniature wallpapering can be an absolute pleasure but for new collectors the task can be quite daunting.

There are so many styles of wall paper available for dolls houses that choosing the right one for your room can be a tricky task. It’s hard to know what will look good when the room is finished.

Well, here are a few hints and tips when choosing your wall paper:

  1. Take the size of the room into account. A small room will look very dark and even smaller if you use dark coloured or patterned papers. Try to use light colours to make small rooms look bigger.
  2. Vertical stripes will make a room look taller.
  3. Horizontal stripes will make a room look wider.
  4. Using two types of paper can create a very nice effect in a room. Using a stripe on the bottom of the room and a plain paper on the top will not make the room look smaller and will keep it from looking plain.
  5. Remember before decorating your house you must put the electric's in. Also start from the bottom of the house, put the electrics into a room and then decorate.
  6. When choosing your doll house wallpaper consider if you will use picture rails in your room. Picture rails usually have a different paper above and below them.
  7. Don’t be restricted by what is available commercially. If you are very creative, play on your PC and try to design your own unique style.
  8. DIY shops often let you have free samples, and a sample can be big enough to decorate a room, but make sure that the pattern is small enough.

Enjoy yourself and be creative.

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