Want a free PS3, Nintendo Wii or even a xbox360 ?

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This is getting to be a very common way to get free gadgets for little to no outlay at all.

Websites such as < playstation3-free.co.uk > require you to sign up and complete only one trial.

These trials range from DVD rentals schemes to online bingo sites.

I tried this and signed up to a £1.99 rental agreement for DVD's.

I stopped the trial when I received my 1st DVD (this is what you need to do !)

Therefore my outlay for a PS3 is only £1.99.

I've got 12 referals so far and only require 3 more to get the PS3 - not bad at all.

There are loads of free gifts including wii's Xbox 360's and iphones.

For cheaper gifts you require fewer referals. I think for a PSP is only 6 referals.

You really have nothing to lose and it's got to be worth a couple of quid. How many friends have you got on Myspace or Facebook?

Exactly! Somepeople have got thousands of mates of these sites. It would only take a matter of weeks to get  a gift.

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