Want a nice phone cover ! DON'T USE E_CELL AT ALL !!!!!

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One nice day, the wife and I, said ebay for a phone cover, so I looked on the site looking for covers, you have to check theses days they can take ages coming foro china or hong-kong, found some nice covers only £4.95 and free p&p, "head case covers this is the link to them" 

They look nice dont they, what do you think nice, yes so I got 2, one for me and the wife sorted,
2 weeks past no cover, messaged the seller as there in the U.K in lancashire saying no covers yet,
seller said sorry as covers might be stuck in customs, customs i thought, why is this in customs from
blackpool area!!! as says on the listing lancashire so another week past, So I gave NEG feedback and follup feedback, and opened a case on ebay, within 2 hours I had a message e_cell has refunded you, oh great I thought, my money back, so i got from another seller on ebay, they came, fantastic.
I few days after on my ebay page a message from e_cell oh no.

I've got to pay for the covers again, ( now because the seller has your info about the sale on there computer and given you a refund it will say SEND PAYMENT, this is the message I got ( you must pay for the covers )
message ebay, they said forget about it, its just because you've had a refund.

a week pass a message from ebay, a CASE has been opened against you, so a week emailing, chatting on the live chat, which must be in India always got cut off and the names are the same, so rang and spoke to a nice bloke in Ireland, he said "so what is the out come you want from this" i said nothing to do with the seller,
"ok he said thats sorted for you BUT you will get a strike for None payment" A STRIKE, "but ring a a few days when you get the strike message to get to taken off" ok, my wife was not happy, why are we getting this we have not done anything wrong.

rang and told them what the bloke had said, and it was sorted, cool have a cup of tea, but not just yet the story deepens, 5 more messages in my ebay messages,

we are sorry to here that your unhappy but can you change your feedback

so a day past 

the same message again and again and again, now today 5th oct 2012 i got the same saying please if you do we will give you items upto value of £10 or £10 refund to change feedback, why is ebay not taken the seller off, well he lists his items making ebay money.

will never use this seller ever and hope this helps DONT DO IT always look to see where the seller is from and check out there feedback and the NEG FEEDBACK ASWELL this is a must BEFORE YOU BUY!!!!!!!

look at google to find out others who had the same kind of problem............

type in e_cell scam or ecell scammer in to google 

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