Wanted ! EF36 ,EF37 , and EF37A Valves

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Would any of you selling these valves please consider donating them? What to?

The colossus rebuild project!!!!  

Colossus was the world's first large electronic valve programmable logic calculator, not just one, but ten of them were built and operational in Bletchley Park the home of Allied WW II codebreaking. Kept top secret until the 1970's ,this enabled the US to claim ENIAC to be the first electronic computer. It wasn't, and now it's working we have in the UK, a working world's first.

2,500 valves. Power supplies +200v to -150v at up to 10A. Power consumption 4.5KWatt

The machine has been rebuilt! but will need more of these valves to keep it running in the future.

Please read http://www.r-type.org/static/valvecpu  and consider keeping part of Britain's heritage alive.

They also need 6v6 tetrode,6j5 Triode,807 power tetrode and GY1C Thyratron valves


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