Warhammer 40K Buying Guide

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Warhammer 40K Buying Guide

Warhammer 40K is a war game that is played in a similar manner to that of a traditional board game. Where it differs is the amount of different characters, settings and creative involvements players can utilise.

The game involves a vast number of different characters and props that come in the form of miniature figurines. Including vehicles, soldiers and mythical creatures, these figurines can be assembled and painted by players before the game has commenced. As well as being used for the board, these figurines are considered to be collectables.

Warhammer 40K figurines and accessories are all available at reasonable prices on auction sites such as eBay.

Components of Warhammer 40K

There are a number of varying components involved in the process of playing Warhammer 40K. Whilst whole sets including most components can be purchased, there is also the option to buy these components separately. Below is a run through of the components needed to play Warhammer 40K:

Figurines and Characters

There is a vast amount of characters available to play with in Warhammer 40K. These include:

-   Mankind. These tend to be the main protagonists throughout the gameplay of Warhammer 40K. When purchasing, lookout for keywords such as ‘Imperium of Man’ and ‘Space Marines’.

-   The Eldar. The Eldar is one of many kinds of alien that the ‘Imperium of Man’ is fighting. Eldar figurines can be pre-painted or can be painted individually.

-   The Tau. The Tau is another society of aliens that can be purchased separately or as part of a complete Warhammer 40K package.

-   The Necrons. Necrons are a race of alien that comes up against ‘Mankind’ throughout the game. Again, they can be purchased as part of a Warhammer 40K package.

-   The Dark Eldar. The Dark Eldar were supposedly soul-eating aliens. Much like the majority of the figurines in Warhammer 40K, they can be purchased individually.

-   The Tyranids. Another alien civilisation that exists to wipe out everything in its sight.

-   The Orks. According to regular Warhammer 40K players, as dangerous as they are, the orks provide a sense of comedy due to their brutal nature.

Whilst these specific figurines are considered the traditional characters in Warhammer 40K games, there are also a wider variety of characters available. Armies and races such as the Grey Knights and the Sisters of Battle can all be purchased separately in order to widen the gaming options available to Warhammer 40K players.

Scenery and Props

The privilege of painting and assembling props for the gameplay of Warhammer 40K is not limited to figurines and characters. It is also popular amongst players to create added scenery and props to enhance the reality of gameplay. Here is a list of scenery and props available to Warhammer 40K buyers:

-   Brick Moulds; Brick Moulds are available to those who wish to create not only their own bricks, but also build their own walls from scratch. Hobby cement is also available alongside brick moulds for this purpose. Whether it’s to build a fort or simply a wall, brick moulds are available from the likes of eBay at reasonable prices.

-   Bunkers; Built for the purpose of creating a headquarters, for storage or for hiding. Bunkers can be purchased pre-assembled or in separate parts to allow the player to assemble the bunker to his idealised specifications.

-   Ruins;Ruins are used for aesthetic purposes to enhance the reality of the game. Much like bunkers, ruins can be purchased already assembled or the player can build them from scratch.

-   Vehicles; There are a wide variety of vehicles available to purchase for Warhammer 40K. An integral part of the game, the likes of tanks, marine vehicles and ‘landspeeders’ are all available for purchase either pre-assembled or as model building kits.

Tools for Warhammer 40K

If looking to purchase Warhammer 40K gameplay components to assemble or paint individually then there are a certain amount of tools that are necessary. Here is a table of the tools and their functions that are need if planning to purchase un-assembled or un-painted Warhammer 40K components:



Wax Carver

In order to smooth edges or alter designs, wax carvers are needed in the assembly of Warhammer 40K figurines and props.


Once a figurine or prop has been moulded or purchased they may need painting. There are paints designed specifically for the game of Warhammer 40K as well as other general model paints available. Paints can be purchased separately or as part of a paint set on the likes of eBay.

Magnifying Glass

Due to the small nature of Warhammer 40K figurines a magnifying glass may be need in the assembly of figurines or props. Magnifying glasses enable the painter to maintain a certain level of detail. They can be purchased as part of specially assembled model making tool kits or individually.

Sprue Cutter

A sprue cutter may be needed to remove components from a cast tree or for alterations to specific props or figurines.


Again, due to the finicky nature of many of the props involved in the game of Warhammer 40K, tweezers may be useful for alterations.


During the painting process of Warhammer 40K props specialist paintbrushes will need to be used in order to maintain a high level of quality in the assembly process. Specially designed paintbrushes are available on the likes of eBay both individually or as part of sets.


Glue is a necessary part of the majority of model making kits. The most widely used glues during the assembly process of Warhammer 40K props are PVA glue and Plastic glue. Both of these glues may be available as part of Warhammer 40K prop assembly packs.

As mentioned in the table above, a lot of these prop assembly tools are available in specially collated kits to make it more efficient for the player to purchase said tools. These tools are often available individually if they are in need of being replaced. eBay offers a wide selection of these individual tools and tool kits.

Buying Warhammer 40K Online

There is so much choice in the world of Warhammer 40K. From props to figurines to tools, the options for purchase are vast.

Due to its popularity there are thousands of Warhammer 40K forums and blogs online that are dedicated to all things Warhammer 40K. Product recommendations, gameplay options and prop assembly guides are all covered online. It may be wise to browse through these sites and take note as to which Warhammer 40K products would be most suitable.

There are also a vast number of Warhammer 40K websites that sell Warhammer 40K products. By being aware of prices and packages from these sources enable the understanding of what may be available else at a more reasonable price. An auction site such as eBay offer the majority of Warhammer 40K gear sold elsewhere but at more affordable bid and ‘Buy Now’ prices.

Buying Warhammer 40K on eBay

eBay is probably home to the biggest selection and variety of Warhammer 40K products, accessories and tools online. Because of this, eBay is one of the go to places for the purchase of Warhammer 40K products.

With the choice and selection being so extensive for Warhammer 40K products on eBay, the keyword search facility may be vital to the finding of a specific product. Whether it is a dark eldar figurine, or a brick mould that is being looked for, by typing in the specific product requirement eBay removes all irrelevant products from the search. This is a very useful tool in the search for a Warhammer 40K product on eBay.

When buying from eBay however, it may be a good idea to use the checklist below to ensure a safe and easy transaction:

-   Has the product seller have previous Warhammer 40K product selling history?

-   What does the comment feedback section say about the seller and their previous transactions?

-   What is the seller’s star rating?

-   Does the product description suggest that they are knowledgeable on Warhammer 40K products?

-   Are there images of the product made available?

-   Can the seller be contacted directly if there any questions regarding the product?

Before purchasing a Warhammer 40K product it is a good idea to be familiar with the eBay’s Terms and Conditions.


Warhammer 40K is taken very seriously, with competitions taking place all over the world as well as locally at hobby and game stores.

If the acquiring of a Warhammer 40K product is for home use or for competition use, it is always best to be knowledgeable in the specific area of purchase. Whether it is by asking an eBay seller or forum member a question or reading up on blogs or websites, knowing what you’re buying is never a bad choice.

Be sure to have the correct tools available to assemble Warhammer 40K characters if that is a choice in the playing of the game. Also make sure to have a dice to hand so as to be able to play to its full potential.  

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