Warhammer 40K Rare or not??

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Many listing use the term 'OOP' ( out of production) or 'Rare' when describing a Warhammer 40k miniature.  This is often misleading, sometimes even Untrue.

OOP / Rare would suggest difficult to obtain, but in many cases a miniature could have ceased production some years ago and been superseded by another version but still be available by mail order or independent stockists.  Just because GW's high street outlets only stock a selection of the latest range ( At the latest price ), does not mean the old models have been teleported into the depths of the Eye of Terror.

That being said there are a number of limited and special editions which are difficult to come by.  This is usually reflected in their price, over £30 is not unusual for a truly limited Model.

With the help of a pile of back issues of White Dwarf, talks with many old and bold Gamers and GW employees I have tried to compile a list of the Warhammer 40k rarities.  Currentlty there are no pictures available here but I hope to produce a downloadable file with them all on for anyone that may be interested.
This list is as Complete as I can find, If you know of any others, spelling mistakes, errors etc, please feel free to contact me.  Thankls for looking.

Available through SKULZ promotions.
Necron examination table.
Adeptus Mechanicus Range ( US only).
Space Marine Standard Bearer.
Space Marine Iwo Jima Diorama.
Space Marine Captain. ( Skulz and WH 40k box set '99)

Limited Editions
Female Catachan.  ( Released in the US but I cant find a store that has her in stock).
Scout with bolter.  (UK only).
Space Marine Riding a Cold One ( Lizard).
First 40K range of about 20 models.  (Bear very little resemblance to later models).
Mk1 Ork War Buggy.  Have seen one, but have been told they never made final production).
Sgt Centurius.  ( 100th store opening)
Praetorian XXIV Box set.  (Later all the models became available individually)
Emperors Champion Sigismund.  ( GW 25th Anniversary).
Heroes of the Adeptus Astartes.  (Box set that all but two were available individually) ( GW 25th Anniversary)..
Enemies of the Imperium.  ( All available individually) ( GW 25th Anniversary)..
Tau Fire Warrior Shasui.  ( 40k Events ).
Dark Angels Sergeant.
Black Templar Captain Draco.
Cadian Trooper 'Stood at Ease'.
Sisters of Battle Redemption Shrine.
Tau Ethereal.  ( in WD 261).
Necron Lord.  ( in WD 268).
Chaos aspiring Champion.  ( in WD 274).
Cadian Standard Bearer.  (Imperial guard army box).
Space Marine Veteran sergeant.  ( in WD 298).
Tyranid Lictor.  (Tyranid army box).
Tau Etereal.  (Tau Box set).

'91  Space Marine Captain.
'98  Female Commisar (US).
'98  Da Gamez Day Nob (UK).
'99  Another Space marine Captain.
'01  Kroot Shaper.
'03  Wolf Priest.
'05  Veteran Sergeant Auralius

Captain Lenatos of the Blood Angels.
The Redeemer.
Ephrael Sters and Silas Hand.
Gaunts Ghosts.
Bloodquest Exiles.
Lone Wolves.
Ragnar Blackmane.
Uriel Ventris
Inquisitor EisenHorn.
Ciaphas Cain.

Thanks for reading my Guide  Please feel free to vote for it if you found it any use.

Thanks again for looking.   Mick {fear-of-the-dark}  

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