Warhammer 40k

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What army to use?

Every army has its own tactics, you should look at the models in the range and pick something you like the look of too though. as a rough guide.
Orcs - Random, fun and use weight of numbers, good at assaults.
imperial guard - use loads of men and tanks.
eldar/tau - Light, fast with big guns focused on mobility.
Dark eldar - light, fast and good at assaults.
Tyranids - loads of weak stuff with massive monsters behind, good at assaults.
Necrons, space marines, chaos space marines - Have good quality basic troops and good armour saves, very good at not dieing and a solid choice as your first army!

Why Necrons, space marines or chaos space marines?

1. Cost... to play games you need alot of points, as the troops are all about the same [money] cost for a unit getting 500-1000 points out of these should be alot cheaper as the troops cost more points in the game for your money.
2. you will get to learn the game without your stuff getting wiped off the board in an instant.
3. These 3 armys can be taylored to fit any play style! assault, flying, heavy support... and should you decide you like fast assaults you could move onto Tyranids or dark eldar... if 3 vindicators is not enough templates for you look at imperial guard!

O.k... what should i buy first?

A Codex, [find the latest edition] . You might also want a rule book, the mini rule book can be picked up quite cheap 2nd hand or you could but a starter box set with 2 armys, dice, rules... everything you need realy. [you could also use one of the starting armys as a base for your own]. Read through the rules, talk to other players and see what people use [and don't] then when you know what you want buy more models.
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