Warhammer RARE!! Is it really??

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It is becoming increasingly common to see items in the Warhammer category listed as RARE!! How often are these items actually, truly rare? In actual fact most of the time they are not rare at all. If you run a search for the specific item you are looking for there will generally be at least one version/copy of that item available for auction at any one time. This straight away stops it from being rare.

A rare item is one that is found on a very infrequent basis and does not often come up for auction. It is well worth looking around to see how many other copies there are of the item you are looking for. Just because an item is old it does not necessarily follow that the item is rare. It may also be a more common version of  a rare item. Examples might include a common plastic version being presumed to be/sold as, a rare metal miniature. Or a newer version of a miniature being presumed to be/sold as a rarer and older version of the same thing.

It is also amazing to see how many people list an item as rare and then say in the description that they do not know what it is!! If you don't know what it is, how can you possibly know if it is rare or not?! Rare items should be exactly that - Rare. If they turn up on a regular basis then the word loses it's meaning.

If you are selling an item, does listing it as rare really attract more buyers? People looking for rare items know precisely what they are looking for and will not be fooled by having the word in the title.

If you are buying an item, have a little look around first to see just how common the item really is. It could be a lot more available than the title suggests.

Obviously there are plenty of genuine rare items out there so by all means use the word in a search if you are looking for rare items but be sure to check the truth of it first.

Happy hunting.
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