Warhammer - rare & Out of production

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I'm seeing a lot of sellers using the words "Rare" and "Out of production" as justification for their auction in a hope to attract more buyers or a higher sale price. Often, the product being offered for sale isn't in fact either "Rare" or "Out of production", it may simply have been moved from sale at the shops or may not be in the forefront of what Games Workshop currently offer. Just because a line is old, doesn't mean Games Workshop don't make it any more.

The items will probably be still offered for sale via the GW online store. If you don't want to pay for postage, you can make a note of the item number, take it to your local Games Workshop store and they will get it delivered to the store for free.

Don't let unscrupulous sellers rip you off by claiming an item is "RARE" or "OUT OF PRODUCTION".

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