Warning, Buyers asking you to sell outside of ebay.

Like if this guide is helpful

I was taken in and nearly went through with selling outside of ebay.
Something struck a chord.
The email saying that payment had been made and now all I had to do was send a shipping No.

The email was addressed from "debbyyn @  Gmail.com"  on behalf of Service @ Paypal  and claiming to be a shipping controller of some sort.

The amount that was said to have been paid was 1800.00 GBP and not the 230.00GBP invoiced.
If greed had got the better of me I am sure I would have sent off the item I was selling.

Check Payment has been recieved into Pay Pal

Use PayPal to set up the shipping and post

Be very cautious when dealing with those other than verified Pay Pal users
That wasy you won't get burnt, Ripped off, Suckered.

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