Warning Wedding Dress

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I bought a wedding dress from amneh326 who is based in China.  The dress has arrived and it is nothing at all like the picture, it is completly the wrong colour and is nothing at all like it.  It was packed in an A4 jiffy bag and was all creased, it was the wrong size, the sequins that were supposed to be crystals were hanging off and it was supposed to have flowers made of ribbon on it, instead it had aritifical flowers stiched on (held on with two stiches in bright pink cotton ) on white organza (well supposed to be).  I am lucky in one respect my wedding is not until January 2009 so I still have time to source one else where, and try to find additional money, but neather the less it is still extremely unpsetting and disapointing when your dress arrives and it is nothing as expected, especially when you have tried one on identical in the shop and it looks amazing and then you think that is what is being delivered only to find that this is not the case.

Have emailed the company several times and they are not interested, they don't seem to accept responsibility for the actions of the company and their staff or at all to be sorry.  Surely they should know that your wedding day is a big thing and you want everything to be right not only on the day but also leading up to it.


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