Warning about a new type of Ebay car selling scam!

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Hello, Recently I got stung with a second hand car, sadly for buyers it appears that the way Ebay is currently operating allows dishonest sellers to get away with it without negative feedback on there profile, this is a loophole which Ebay has currently failed to close, But I hope they will do soon.

Here is how it works.

1 : You bid and win your chosen car.
2 : You go, pay the stated price in cash, collect your receipt and drive away happy with what you've won.
3 : Discover faults with the car that are not mentioned in the description at all and are expensive to fix.
4 : You question the seller, who of course does not care or reply because he or she has had your money.
5 : You leave suitable negative feedback to warn others of this seller.
6 : The seller files a "payment not received" complaint against you.
7 : You protest this with Ebay stating you have paid for the item and you have proof as well as a witness.
8 : The seller cancels the entire transaction, resulting in any negative feedback you left from disappearing from there profile.
9 : The dodgy seller wins, no negative feedback against them, honest buyer loses by being sold a crap car.

I really hope that Ebay will change it's policy on this matter soon, people leave negative feedback for a good reason, not just out of childish spite, the feedback system is to ensure that sellers and buyers are honest and trustworthy, the current loophole allows dodgy sellers from being visible to unsuspecting buyers.

To help protect yourself, pay with paypal when possible, cash only for cars may seem normal but it is not covered by current Ebay policies, so if a seller states "cash only on collection", operate under caution.

I hope my guide will help you not to get stung like I did, thank you for your time.
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