Warning against Joys machine JSM Distributor

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I purchased a Joys machine a couple of years ago, but found it so difficult to use that it has pretty much remained in the cupboard, I put it down to my inexperince.  Recently I started a dressmaking course and again tried to use my machine and had even more problems, so I took it to a local supplier to see if it needed servicing or if I had damaged it.  It transpired that it has quite a lot of things wrong with it broken gears, tension control not working, motor problems the list goes on, and the shop have assured me that none of these probems have been caused by me, most would have been present when I purchased the machine, and the others caused as a result of the machine being cheaply and badly made.  They have also told me that it's not the first of these machine they have seen, and they are yet to see a good one, they all have very similar problems, and all are very badly made.  They have told me that the machines have been imported from China and are very cheaply made which explains both the low cost and the problems with the machine.

I am now having to cut my losses and invest in a new machine, so the money spent on the Joy's machine has been wasted, but hopfully in writing this guide I can save someone elses money.

If you contact Joy's they will tell you the local supplier is jealous of their sucess and is just bad mouthing them, but looking around other guides on ebay and other sites including The sewing forum, many people have had problems with Joy's Machines.

So if you were thinking of buying a mcahine from Joy's my advice would be please don't they will bring you anything but Joy ! as the old saying goes you get what you buy for, and as I have found to my cost, if you buy a cheap machine then you get a cheap machine.

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