Warning for all Mobile Phone Sellers on E Bay

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There is currently a group/number of individuals claiming they will pay you copious amounts of money for your phone.

They normally state the phone is a present for a friend or relative in a foreign country. They also ask you to end the auction immediately and sort the transaction out via private e-mail and pay pal.

They then send you a virtual copy of the Pay Pal e-mail stating the money has gone into your account.

My friend sold a phone worth £300 on e-bay and sent it to NIGERIA once he received the e-mail from PayPal.

He made the catastrophic mistake of not checking his paypal account and realising he had be fraudulently misinformed. He received no money from the buyer. Despite numerous e-mails he received no further correspondence. PayPal have verified he received a fake e-mail.

I have recently sold a phone on ebay, but when first auctioning my product, I received a similar email to my friends, I agreed to sell once I had seen the money in my paypal account and SUPRISE SUPRISE, I received no further correspondance. Watch out for these b#st*rds, they care not for your finance and wish only to rip you off,




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