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Just a short note to warn other ebayers about a company in Ilfracombe currently called Littelal Trailers - following correspondence with a gentleman called Ali Azfa this time last year, I sent £525 up-front for the build of a custom-sized trailer, and sold my existing trailer both to make some space & as it wasn't quite the right size. The initial build of this trailer was due to take 2-3 weeks. Now, over a year down the line, I am having to take Mr Azfa to court to try & reclaim my money, as I still haven't received either a refund of a trailer from him. During this time, I have seen him swap ebay accounts twice - AzfaMagic to seaviewsix to jnj_leisure - and company names at least once. He sent photos of a trailer which was completed which, although it wasn't what I had asked for, was close enough. He even - apparently - got as far as going to the petrol station to get the diesel to deliver my trailer but his bank card was swallowed when he tried to get some money out. That was the last I've heard from him, despite contacting him via ebay, email, and phone, on repeated occasions. It would seem that he no longer wants to talk to me. I also find it interesting that the photos sent are dated 2005 & neither of his companies are listed at Companies House (JNJ Leisure Ltd is listed, but does it belong to this gentleman? AzfaMagic & Littelal Trailers are not & have never been listed, it would seem).

I am aware that he was having some financial problems, which is why I kindly waited for a significant length of time, however in the last month I have not had a word from him - although he has answered others' queries on his listings - so I have sadly now assumed that he's decided to keep my money in exchange for nothing except empty promises, therefore I am taking him to court to try to get back what I unwisely transferred to him a year ago.

I would advise fellow ebayers to give him a wide berth, particularly if he requests payment in advance (even partial payment), as the promises you get aren't worth the pixels & you'll certainly hear less from him once he has your money. I will update this warning if/when he changes his ebay ID again to try & hide - ebay shouldn't be a place for sellers of dubious character, it should be safe for all to use. Please learn from my mistake & give this gentleman a wide berth.

In case anyone wonders, I have paperwork to back up my comments as I'm not the type of person to cast aspersions on another's character, but this incident has provoked me to speak out. I am happy to provide a sample of correspondence if requested.


Ali, if you would like to speak to me, you know how to get in touch.

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