Warning on postage Coast/Oasis/NIKE SHOX

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There are two unscrupulous ebay sellers who sell Coast (sometimes Oasis and Nike Shox stuff too).  They were previously banned for bidding on each others items (shill bidding) but now seem to be back and worse than ever.

They list the items for only a very short time (between 1-3 days).  The postage is listed as courier and can range between £9.99 - £20.  Be warned that this is a scam so that they can avoid ebay fees.  More often than not the items will arrive wrapped in a bin liner and sent via royal mail.  They reckon to have provided ebay with proof that this is how much their postage costs - what a load of old tripe, the reciept they show could be from any old parcel they've sent!

The items arrive with no label, no washing instructions etc.  I was a little dubious as to whether they were even real.

If you leave them negative feedback they will ring your house and threaten you and all ebay will tell you is to contact your phone provider or the police - ebay were not interested in my complaint against them.

Eventually this seller left me a negetive feedback, then tried to bully me into retracting my feedback.  Because i wouldn't they refunded my money and managed to get a 'strike' against me as a non paying bidder!!!

So always check the postage and if it seems steep then email them and ask why and if they will consider sending it royal mail second class instead.  If the answer is no it is usually because they are trying to avoid ebay fees by charging a fortune for the postage.

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