Washing & Caring for Vintage Clothes

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  • If the garment is machine washable, washing at 30 degrees will prolong its life and is more eco-friendly. Never wash embroidered silks or satins in the washing machine!
  • Always hand-wash pre-1960s garments. To keep clothes in good condition, wash them less, or if the fabric is old or delicate, consider not washing them at all! A good airing can work just as well for removing odour.
  • If possible, dry vintage garments flat on a towel. Hanging wet garments can cause them to stretch out of shape.
  • Only dry clean items if you are sure they are durable enough. Use a reputable dry cleaner that you can trust!
  • If you are unsure how to clean your garment, consider using a hand-held steamer. They are very effective in removing creases and odour. Avoid steaming delicate fabrics such as silk.


  • Repair any small rips or tears straight away as they will only get bigger if you leave them!
  • Store garments in a dry, dust-free place, and away from direct sunlight. Don't store vintage clothes in plastic covers as they will not allow the fabric to breathe.
  • Hang vintage garments on wooden hangers or, even better, cloth-covered padded hangers. Never use metal hangers as they can leave rust stains on your clothes.
  • Old metal zippers should be lubricated regularly with zipper lube to keep them gliding smoothly through your garment.
  • Try not to iron vintage garments. Instead, consider using a hand-held steamer to remove any creases - they are safer and usually more effective.
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