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Welcome to the first guide by the GT Watches team, this is intended to be an overview of buying watches online not just ebay.

The big advantage of buying watches online is the sheer choice available, watches for all tastes, budgets and activity can be found online. No bricks and mortar store in the world can offer the selection of product eBay, Amazon etc can offer, this however can be a curse as much as a blessing.

I recommend you think carefully what you are going to use the watch for, a fine 18ct Rolex will look great with a suit but do you really want to wear it to the gym? If you have a number of watches this is fine but for most people they will have one watch for all situations. Due to this I usually recommend people buy stainless steel watches, it's a tough material that can stand years of wear often getting better with age.  Many modern watches are offered with a number of PVD or DLC gold or black finishes which can give a very striking finish. Ideally you want to buy a watch with 316 grade steel which minimises the chances of an allergic reaction with the skin. 

The other advantage to buying online is price. Online retailers have much lower overheads and as a result are able to offer competitive pricing on products vs tradition retailers. We use our decades of watch industry experience to bring authentic watches to customers at much reduced prices. Business sellers such as us can source product from a range of suppliers that can offer us competitive wholesale prices which we can pass on to the customers.

One concern with buying anything online is the possibility of buying a fake. There are a few things you can do to protect yourself from unscrupulous sellers is to know what you are buying. The great thing with ebay is the ability to contact sellers, if you have a question ask, an honest seller will try to answer your question or resolve any issues. Also use resources such as Google Images to make sure the item you are buying matches known authentic models. The final test is not always accurate but is it too good to be true price wise? A Rolex for £100 probably isn't going to be genuine!

The final point I would like to make is buy whatever makes you happy. I love big chunky sports watches so that's what I buy, they aren't for everyone and that's ok, buy watches you like and be happy!

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