Watch out! Ebay states coins/banknotes NOT covered by Guarantee

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Mixed Messages from Ebay- best to be cautious?

I've been buying foreign currency on Ebay since August 2001. This used to be quite lucrative, less so now. I think more people have got in on the act. Still, it's a hobby and you can from time to time pick up the odd gem, like a selection of older silver Swiss five franc coins hidden away in a lot. Recently I- with reflection rather stupidly- bought USD $1500 from a seller. There were always slight doubts in my mind about this transaction even before I paid (seller's account was a month old with only private purchases; poor English, refusal to send a photo as the dollars were 'packed) but I thought 'well, I'm covered by the Money Back Guarantee right?' (Everyone has to start Ebay sometime, their level of English is irrelevant- you don't need an English qualification to own something, do you? But I can't forgive myself for not insisting on a photo!) 
Needless to say, the dollars did not arrive. Two empty envelopes- including a special delivery letter sent the day my 'item not received' case was due to expire in my favour - did arrive though. I then had to escalate to a 'not as described' case. This is where the real stress kicked in. I was  told I'd get my money back by lots of people in the Filipino call centre,  and in writing too. However, when push came to shove about actually refunding me, they lady I spoke to in the 'escalations department' (or whatever it's called) in Ireland said to me that I'd been misled, and she had to speak to senior management in Ebay about if this transaction was covered by their much trumpeted Money Back Guarantee. I have read it very carefully- cash/coins/currency are NOT mentioned in the NOT covered section of the Ebay Money back guarantee. However, look at the email I received from Ebay- they are saying that cash/currency/coins are not covered by this guarantee. 
Of course, you can argue with them- but even though I got my money back, you can expect a battle royale with them. This appears to be a policy change by ebay which will jeopardise the nearly half a million coin/banknote listings. 
On another note, my 'seller' really pressurised me into taking the dispute onto Paypal. DO NOT DO THIS. EVER. I would have lost all my money- Cash/coins/currency are explicitly not covered through Paypal ever- at all. And once you've lost a dispute through Paypal, you can't claim through Ebay. 
Best of all, don't buy coins/currency on Ebay above £100. I will be cutting back/leaving ebay. It seems it's not the fun it once was. And remember, however experienced you are on ebay, if it seems to be good to be true…… 
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