Watch out for fake oakley listings!

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There's quite a few fraudulent listings going about people,

especially for the OAKLEY JULIET DUCATI version.

The listing looks very real and draws your attention as the item is very affordable and Im talking about below £60 on buy it now! These oakleys dont come cheap!!

Best thing to do is to contact a seller before you bid, this way if the seller replies you know he/she is genuine and that youve got a good chance of not being a victim of scammers!

To spot these listings( I have seen 2 in a matter of days now) you need to look out for the following:

  2. Single picture, not very good as its from one angle, no box or anything seen
  3. The seller says its 100% real
  4. The STYLE is - oakley juliet carbon ducati (12-673)
  5. And usually the seller has 100% feedback  but this is what you prove to be wrong as he doesnt reply to your questions.
  6. After these sellers get caught they change their usernames

Hope this helps, be on the lookout for any other fake oakley listings!

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