Watch out for second chances!!

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I recently bid on an item worth about £500 but i wasnt the winner. I was then contacted by the supposed seller saying the winner had pulled out and i was next in line for the item. I was told to email the seller back and they would contact ebay. I soon recieved an email from ebay stating that the seller was legitimate and that paying this seller by the requested method of Western Union Money Transfer was fine. However, i was dubious and was recommended against this by the post office. I then decided to speak to ebay myself, who informed me that they had not sent this email and that it was fraudulent.

This email looked exactly like a genuine ebay email, it had all the copyright marks and stated that the method of payment is covered by ebay payment protection etc. DONT BE FOOLED!!!!! I was lucky not to send the money but others may not doubt an email that looks genuine. DONT EVER PAY BY WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER, you have absolutely no come back whatsoever and you are NOT covered by the ebay protection. If this is the only method of payment a seller is offering, dont do it. A good seller will always offer alternatives. Also, always check that the address on the item advertisement matches that of the actual seller.

I hope this helps!!

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