Watch out motorbike scams 6/5/08 Laverda etc The latest

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I saw a Laverda in the classified ads for £1000, (they normally sell on auction for about 3-3.5k) I emailed the bloke told him I would have it, great I thought I would buy it for my dad as he is lav mad. He mailed back with a sob story about how he is desperate for the money.

Ok so I told him cash on delivery. He then removed it from ebay & said free delivery.

I was sent 3 messages from ebay???? One saying ebay recommends tw*****87, another an ebay protection programme & You have won pay now..... Money to be payed through moneygram.

All of the emails look like official ebay ones, however as you notice with messages from ebay next to your user name is the account holders name. This had got my name put into it & it is my husbands account! This set alarm bells ringing. I looked into it further & saw that all the messages I received were just sent to my email, nothing in my ebay inbox.

Don't give your real name then you could also spot this sign!

Please note ebay ALWAYS send a copy of any message to your ebay inbox as well as your email.

This seller only has 2 feedback & has never sold anything before.

I have now sent copies of all emails to spoof@ebay where it has now been confirmed they are all spoof/fake.

Never pay for anything with moneygram or western union it is banned by ebay & you are not protected in any way.

I am sure this scam is being used on all different makes of bikes not just this Laverda.

If you can, try to see the bike before you buy, if they make excuses (family crisis etc) stay well clear & copy emails to ebay. Any genuine ebayers will be more than happy to let you view.

If it sounds to good to be true it probably is!

By voting for this YOU can help to stop other ebayers getting ripped off.

Thankyou for taking the time to read this.

 Follow up

I am now receiving  unpaid item notifications via email. They say if I don't pay my account will be suspended & I will be unable to open another account. These emails say they originated from ebay & look exactly as ebay messages do, they have it all even an exact copy of the ebay logo.

Again I have copied to spoof@ebay & again it is a fake.

PLEASE take great care when buying a bike & NEVER open any links on these emails as the fraudsters can hack into your computer & steal your identity.

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